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Labrador Publishing is interested in well-crafted, imaginative work by emerging talent that often does not fit into the traditional book publishing mold.

Labrador Publishing uses a unique model where authors have the opportunity to invest in their own success and receive a substantially larger monetary return on sales of their work than traditional publishers can offer. 


Above all, Labrador Publishing is run by writers, and we understand the unique needs of authors. We ensure all books are available across a broad spectrum of distribution channels.


We also firmly support authors to submit their work for literary awards, artistic residencies, and for reviews, believing this is a necessary part of the sales paradigm.

Labrador Publishing is currently accepting submissions. We are most interested right now in diverse voices in the following genres:


  • Young Adult

  • Literary Fiction

  • Upmarket Fiction

  • Non-Fiction/Self-Help

  • Leadership

  • Memoir

  • LGBTQ+

  • Romance


We are not accepting short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays, dystopian, or cookbooks. We are also not interested in horror or science fiction.


To request our submission requirements, please complete our submission form.  Someone will respond to your inquiry within one week.

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